SNMAA 2022

Skills: Research, Show

The Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving aims to facilitate critical discourse and collaboration amongst archivists, curators, artists, researchers, and other parties interested in the preservation and online archiving of new media art. This summit will serve as an incubator of innovative ideas, production techniques, and infrastructure development as well as assist in connecting like-minded individuals in an effort to create a unified approach to solving the complex problem of preserving the history of new media art. The Summit is organised by ISEA2022 Barcelona, the ISEA Symposium Archives, and SIGGRAPH History Archive, in cooperation with the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), FILE Festival archive, ADA Archive of Digital Art and Ars Electronica archive.

Organizing Committee: Bonnie Mitchell, Jan Searleman, Terry Wong and Wim van der Plas.

Session 3 – 10 June 2022 i:M:mobile Lawrence Bird

SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk Visualizing the Illkun (Anger) Marcela Antipan Olate SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk Gendernaut. Queering the future Diego Marchante SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk Anatomy of a Fatberg Andrea Palašti, Sanja An?elkovi?, Stefana Jani?ijevi?, Jovana Peši?ç SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk Archiving New Media Art Archives Byeongwon Ha SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk Visually reading the pandemic: Translating an Open Access Archive into an immersive interactive Artwork Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Dario Rodighiero, Elian Carsenat, Jules Döring, Michaela Fragner, Stepha Farkahaszy, Oliver Elias SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk Spiral of Words Predrag Sidjanin, Luka Tilinger, Maja Budzarov, Nina Zvezdin SNMAA – Artist Talk – Lightning Talk ‘Data Whiskers’ and ‘Ecophagy’ Martijn Hage SNMAA – Artwork in Exhibition Right-Click to Save: Preservation, NFTs, and Distributed Ledgers John Bell, Regina Harsanyi, Jon Ippolito SNMAA – Tools & Methodologies – Panel